Our Process

At our company, the process begins with contractors and building owners submitting prints, photos, and specifications for the job. Based on the information provided, we will create a comprehensive take-off form. If desired, we can conduct a site visit to assess the project. Alternatively, we can efficiently gather precise measurements using tools such as Eagleview aerial imagery and similar software, especially when specifications are not readily available.. During this visit, we will go over your goals and what you are looking for and give you color, gutter and downspout, snow guard, and gauge options.

We take pride in offering our customers a warranty that covers both materials and labor. Additionally, we provide the option of a Weathertight warranty for added protection. To ensure accuracy and compliance with specifications, we include shop drawings that encompass the trim system and panels required for the project. In addition to roofing solutions, we are equipped to install high-quality commercial-grade gutters that perfectly complement the roof. Our extensive range of products includes nearly any commercial-grade panel, enabling us to meet diverse project requirements. Finally, we will write up a contract and send it over to you.


Tell Us About Your Project

The options we go over in this meeting include:


Everyone’s favorite option, and often the most important since our roofs are made to last the life of the building. Since you want to be happy with your choices, we have a wide variety of color samples so you can see how they look in person and what will best meet your needs.

Snow Guards

We will discuss all the snow guard options available.

Gauge & Profile

The gauge is the thickness of the metal used in the roof. It’s fine if you aren’t sure about this step, we will go over the different advantages of the 24 vs the 26 gauge, both of which we have available. The profile is the different styles of Standing seam metal roof that are available.

Gutters & Downspouts

We will go over the different sizes you have to choose from.

Finally, we’ll talk about the logistics of the actual work days. This includes a discussion of the location of our dumpster during the installation, the use of lawn pads, and any other job site details. We are committed to keeping your property clean and tidy at the end of each day.


Once the work begins

Once approved, we require a signed contract and down payment to proceed. Afterward, we will order the necessary materials and include you in our schedule. The panels, trim, underlayment, and accessories will be delivered directly to the site. Our team will then carry out the installation process, ensuring the removal and disposal of any debris. If needed, we can provide a dumpster for this purpose, or it can be arranged by the contractor. Additionally, we offer labor-only services and can work with materials supplied by the contractor. As part of our installation process, we will also install snowguards as per the specified requirements.