About Us

We specialize in standing seam metal roofs. These top-of-the-line panels are made to last a lifetime, even in extreme weather conditions. Standing seam panels utilize hidden fasteners, eliminating the need to worry about fastener corrosion or leaks overtime. The panels provide a sleek and polished appearance. We do residential, commercial, and industrial work, and while we tend to deal directly with home and business owners, we’re available to subcontract for other building companies as well.


Our Process

Once you reach out to us about your roof installation or repair, the first step is to set up an inspection of your current roof. We can come to your home or use Eagleview Software to retrieve measurements. (All estimates are $50.00.)

We will perform an inspection by checking the roof both inside and out for overall health, leaks, and any other damage.

After the initial inspection, we will sit down with you to go over our assessment of costs for the installation and repair, as well as all the available options for your new roof.


Tell Us About Your Project

The options we go over in this meeting include:


Everyone’s favorite option, and often the most important since our roofs are made to last the life of the building. Since you want to be happy with your choices, we have a wide variety of color samples so you can see how they look in person and what will best meet your needs.

Snow Guards

We will discuss all the snow guard options available.

Gauge & Profile

The gauge is the thickness of the metal used in the roof. It’s fine if you aren’t sure about this step, we will go over the different advantages of the 24 vs the 26 gauge, both of which we have available. The profile is the different styles of Standing seam metal roof that are available.

Gutters & Downspouts

We will go over the different sizes you have to choose from.

Finally, we’ll talk about the logistics of the actual work days. This includes a discussion of the location of our dumpster during the installation, the use of lawn pads, and any other job site details. We are committed to keeping your property clean and tidy at the end of each day.


Once the Work Begins

First, the crew will remove the existing roof or go over the existing shingles and assess any damage we were unable to see upon the initial inspection, as damaged sheeting is hard to see until the roof is torn off. At this point, we are able to see if there is any damage or rotting wood. If there is, we’ll go over with you any additional cost adjustments and necessary repairs not previously discussed in the initial assessment.

We’ll then make any needed repairs to areas damaged by leaks or the old roof and fix any uneven areas. Don’t worry, your building will remain protected throughout our work with an underlayment that keeps the structure waterproof in case of rain.


Next Steps

For the next step, we’ll begin installation on your new standing seam roof. Once installed, we’ll detail and seal any chimneys, replace any removed siding or wood, and then clean the job site and remove the dumpster.

At this point, the job is complete and you can enjoy your beautiful new standing seam metal roof.


Of course, we’re happy to provide any additional details or answer any questions you may have about any step in our process.