Our Process

After the initial phone call, we will set up a time to discuss the goals and evaluate the roof both from the outside and inside. Before we write up your contract, we will go over all the different options we have available. You can choose from a variety of different colors, we will review our snow guard, gauge, gutter and downspout, and snow guard options. Following the assessment, we will send you a contract detailing the total price and scope of work. If you approve the contract, we will require a signed copy and a down payment. Once we have received these, we will schedule the project and order the necessary materials.

The options we go over in this meeting include:


Everyone’s favorite option, and often the most important since our roofs are made to last the life of the building. Since you want to be happy with your choices, we have a wide variety of color samples so you can see how they look in person and what will best meet your needs.

Snow Guards

We will discuss all the snow guard options available.

Gauge & Profile

The gauge is the thickness of the metal used in the roof. It’s fine if you aren’t sure about this step, we will go over the different advantages of the 24 vs the 26 gauge, both of which we have available. The profile is the different styles of Standing seam metal roof that are available.

Gutters & Downspouts

We will go over the different sizes you have to choose from.

Finally, we’ll talk about the logistics of the actual work days. This includes a discussion of the location of our dumpster during the installation, the use of lawn pads, and any other job site details. We are committed to keeping your property clean and tidy at the end of each day.

Tell Us About Your Project

Once the work begins

First, if necessary, we can remove the existing roof, although there may be additional charges if extra materials are required or if the decking needs to be replaced. In the case of flat roofs, we can provide and install membrane systems as needed.

Next steps

After the materials have been delivered to the site, including panels, trim, underlayment, and accessories, we will begin the installation process. Our installation will involve a commercial-grade panel with a clip system and a 2" rib with hot melt sealant. We will custom-form the panels on-site to ensure an exact fit. As part of our service, we will dispose of any debris related to the project and place it in a dumpster. If required, we can supply the dumpster ourselves, or you can arrange for a contractor to provide one.